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We all have a desire to explore the different shades of the world and get into the best global university. But all these dreams and desires are repressed in our hearts because the process of choosing a university, building your profile, writing your Statement of Purpose, completing the visa application and other formalities seems to be too cumbersome a task for us . But there is no need to worry about these anymore. Unihub will guide and support you through this life changing journey and also provide you with a mentor who is currently studying in the University of your choice to hand hold you through the entire journey.

Just Relax, discuss your ambitions and desires with us and our internationally reputed team will handle the entire process. Our team will guide you to choose the best university in your chosen field of study without any preconceived stereotypes.

We are completely transparent with the entire application process and if you have any doubts or apprehensions we will be there to be your lodestone.



Straddling the South China Sea and home ...
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It may be small, but in the ...
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Living and studying in another country is ...
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With a long history of pioneering higher ...
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India has traditionally been seen as a ...
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Choose to study in Canada, and you’ll have ...
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Australia is known globally as one of ...
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New Zealand

This country really seems to have it ...
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For Institutions

We are dedicated to enhancing the level of engagement between the University and students. Our network of counselors and optimized online engagement provides us a strong footprint across the Indian subcontinent. Established in a highly accessible area in the capital of the country, we offer a range of bespoke services to Universities that want to increase their presence in India

  • In-country Operations
  • Sub Agent Network
  • Regional Office Operation
  • Document Verification
  • Online Leads Validation
  • Eligibility Check of Applicants
  • School Engagements
  • Regional Marketing
  • Digital and Social Media Presence
  • Content Development for E-Learning
  • Learning Management Systems

For Students

Our team is equipped with guiding students as early as year 8 when they start preparing for course selection. We believe that these early decisions are crucial and need to be made after weighing a multitude of options. 

  • Free Consultation of Course Selection for pre-HSC students
  • Profile Building and Enhancement
  • University Selection
  • SOP Writing and Review
  • Design and Fashion Portfolio Development
  • Application Processing
  • Conditional and Provisional Offers
  • Visa Application and Interview Preparations
  • Pre Departure Preparation
  • Post Arrival Services
  • Internships
  • Employment Prospects
  • Post Graduate Learning
  • Advanced Study and Specialized Training
  • Doctorates and Fellowships

We Specialize In

University selection

Personalised approach

In-Country operations

Regional Marketing

Student Seminars

Peer2Peer Counselling

About Unihub

Higher Education Abroad is now no longer a Distant Dream. In a Digitally Connected world the complexities of studying abroad have mitigated and the choices have increased exponentially. While applying to an University is the easiest it has ever been in decades, the decision of which institution is right for you is the hardest. Going by conventional norms , various university rankings are no longer relevant. Unihub makes this decision making process simpler by empowering the student with the relevant information, tips and tricks and also by connecting the student with peers and mentors who are current students in the Universities where the student has applied.

Purva Saikia



We are always looking for innovative ways to bring the students and institutions together.
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